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Machine shop Cabinet

The most efficient use of modern machine tools, either numerically or conventionally controlled, is to a great extent dependent on safe, fst, well planned tool changing procedures. This necessitates the most up-to-date storage facilities. Poor, badly arranged storage facilities are often responsible for damage to expensive tools.

Expensive shop floor tools like broaches, shank lengths, slotting bars etc. need to be stored vertically for safety from damages. The Krishna Machine Shop Cabinets are designed to take care of this with drawers that can be adjusted to suit the length of the various tools.

Verticall side supports in the cabiners have slots at 25 mm pitch for fitting drawer fixed channels, an arrangement that lets you have drwers and trays of various heights. (50 mm to 450 mm).

Uniform perforations at 17 mm pitch in the drawer bottom makes it convenient to partition the drawer. These perforations also enable clamping of tools for speedy identification, leading to improved work efficiency.

The drawers can be interchanged within the cabinet as required. Drawers for uniformly distributed load (100 kg. light duty/200 kgs. heavy duty) can also be proviede to suit specific customer requirements.

Upgradation of drawers at a lated stage to accomodate changes in the storage requirements is possible with the same outer housing.

Eatch cabinet is equipped with a unique anti-tilting mechanism for added safety while in use.

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